keyboard with worldWelcome to my blog…I’m a software engineer/consultant.  You’d think I’d have more internet presence by now, being a “computer professional”, but it seems only lately various technologies have become easy enough and integrated enough to spark my interest. Before now, it just seemed like this would take too much effort and time to be worthwhile.

I’m not too interested in the hobbyist aspects of web hosting, blogging, and social networking…instead of focusing on the mechanics of all those things, I want to focus on the actual goal- publishing useful content and having fun doing so. The intertwined world of facebook, twitter, one-click websites, digital content distribution, gadgets and smartphones is converging to a point where ideas can be shared easily with many, many people….and more and more people are joining every day.

I hope to use this blog to share ideas and experiences on starting a new website, working in the technology consulting field, and just generally using technology to enhance life and have fun.

Here’s my professional background: Linked In Profile

Thanks for joining, please enjoy and provide comments!