Covid is Done

It took three years, just like the 1918 pandemic, but things are mostly normal. Some of the crazy things that happened these three years.

The Crazy Is Accelerating

Russia-Ukraine war enters 100th Day:

Oil prices surges to over $120/barrel

January 6th Hearings in Public showing coup plot

Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs Wade Abortion Ruling

Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun Law 2nd Amendment Ruling

2nd Amendment Ruling

Inflation hits 30 year high at 8.6%


Crypto crash, bitcoin down 70% below $18,000 after $68K peak

Personal Inflation Tracker

It’s no secret inflation is running “hot” this year, with May 2022 CPI at 8.3% yearly. That seems low….this post will track all the little pricing increases I see during daily life that shows the real numbers.

Item2021 Price2022 Price2023 Price2024 Price
Amazon Prime$119/year$139
Moisturizing Lotion$15$19
Garbage service$46/month$56/month
Used CarBlue Book+30% over blue book
Ring Doorbell$60/year$80/year
Personal Inflation Tracker

Almost Gone…and then

Seemed like we licked it, then Delta came and walloped us all over again. Looks like it’ll be three years before it’s over, like many experts predicted.

Election 2020

After a contentious election season and several days of world-on-edge waiting, a new president elect is chosen!


Of course, sore losers abound


The tasks Biden faces are huge, with the Covid epidemic back into “exponential growth mode” and a divided nation. Biden won by sevaral million votes but nearly 50% still voted for Trump.  California exports to Arizona and a reinforced democrat vote in the upper Midwest sealed the victory.