Not Improving

It seemed okay when new infections were hovering around 20K per day but unfortunately there’s a huge spike now and we are accelerating through 50K per day.

California and other states have rolled back openings.  There is still outdoor dining but all indoor places are still closed and fireworks shows for the 4th of July cancelled.  People are tired and don’t want to be told what to do so still gather at parties, etc without masks.  Hoped to be out of this by now but it looks to be a long Summer.  Some other countries have opened up but are banning Americans because we can’t get our shit together.

Protests and social unrest are still occurring and businesses downtown still closed and boarded up- I don’t think many will survive.  There’s been a huge spike in illegal fireworks and these huge explosions regularly occur nightly now until 1am shaking the windows and disturbing sleep (and pets).  One bit of good news is the unemployment rate improved to 11% from 14%.



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